The Relucant Cougar

As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Think Under The Tuscan Sun meets Seinfield. With ghosts. This one is an absolute joy to write, except for the alone part. No more Starbucks for me. I’ve been told I use strange hand geatures (Myra’s influence), and I never know what Myra and Ira will say to crack me up! Spitting out luke warm Earl Grey with a splash of milk is not a good look.

After her beloved parents, IRA AND MYRA JACOB’S are killed in a bus vs pedestrian accident ELAINE PEARL GOLDSTEIN’S world is rocked. After the funeral, her husband ALLEN THE SHMUCK, afraid of his own mortality drops another life altering bomb. With no children and nothing but regrets tying her to the Palm Springs life she secretly despises Elaine flees to Rome to lick her wounds, take a temporary separation from Allen, and immerse herself in the renaissance art that inspires her.

Unbeknownst to Elaine, armed with venom for the “swimmer killer” aka Allen, her parents, now fledgling ghosts join her in Rome to help her find her way to the one true happiness. A baby. Or love. Or maybe both. Or not. Mom and Dad once a united front are no longer on the same team!

While seeking solace in the Pantheon, she makes friends with another grieving soul, Francesco a hot- as- hell thirty-something, who recently lost his brother in a freak Gondola accident. Bound by mutual loss, a thirst for mystical knowledge and a soulful connection they pledge to unravel the ultimate mystery of life and death together—as friends.

As Italian men of all ages repeatedly remind her of the sensual women she once was, Elaine takes a chance on the sexy and soulful Francesco. After a mutual knees -to- pasta water kiss Francesco bolts and she is devastated. What she doesn’t know is Francesco must decide if she is the sign he’s been waiting for and it’s time for his vows of poverty, obedience and chastity to take a powder.  

When Allen the schmuck shows up in Rome to win Elaine back (secretly manipulated by Mom) everyone must decide what is their own heart’s desire and follow it into heaven or into hell.

The Relucant Cougar Vison Board. It is amazing how the story finds me after I make a board. I am no disciple of Martha Stewart, crafts are not my thing but magic happens with a pile of magazines, glue and a whole lot of glitter. Myra wants to know how long the glue will hold. Oy!